Sony MHC-V73D Audio System

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Sony MHC-V73D

Sony MHC-V73D party light system is the favorite of the parties with its strong design and strong stance! Party is everywhere with the Mhc-v73d!
Get your party started with the MHCV73D and take advantage of the latest party system features, including floor lighting, Jet Bass and more. Thanks to the in-built CD/DVD drive, USB input, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, all your everyday and party music needs are covered. When partying with friends, new floor lighting can turn your lounge into a club. Karaoke, a Guitar input and the "TAIKO" drum-pad ensures everybody can get involved in the party atmosphere.

Bigger sound with Omnidirectional Party Sound for the best parties ever
With Omnidirectional Party Sound, created by High-efficiency Tweeters and High-efficiency Mid-range Drivers, your music will reach further and wider, on both sides of the unit. So wherever your guests stand, they'll get the same great sound.

Four High-efficiency Tweeters fill your venue with sound
The four upward-facing High-efficiency Tweeters that use horn tweeters, two on the front and two on the back of the unit, expand the soundstage and increase the sound pressure level upwards, spreading the sound around whatever venue you choose.

High-efficiency Mid-range Drivers, better vocals
High-efficiency Midrange that uses mid-horn speakers on the front and back distributes sound with improved clarity and sound pressure for the vital midrange frequencies. This means that whether you're in front of the unit or behind, close up or far away, you can enjoy clearer vocals as you dance or sing along to your favourite tracks.

Feel the beat even at long distances with JET BASS BOOSTER
A tapered bass reflex duct structure concentrates the airflow of the bass sound, so you can hear it clearly and feel it physically, wherever you are in the crowd and over long distances.

DSP Technology creates that festival vibe by giving your music the realistic ambience of a music festival and live concert.

DSEE automatically restores detail to digital music
Boost the quality of your compressed music files. When an original music source is compressed, it loses the high-frequency elements that add detail and richness to your favourite tracks. The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores these to produce high quality sound that's closer to the original CD recording.

Vertical and horizontal Gesture Control
Skip a track, change up from flanger to wah, turn up the karaoke mic, control the pitch of the mic and music, or turn up the volume with a vertical or horizontal wave of your hand. Gesture Control lets you control the functions of the MHC-V73D quickly and easily, so you can stay right in the heart of the party moment.

Omnidirectional Party Light
Light up the party from floor to ceiling with the Omnidirectional Party Light. Send out waves of deep blue, sky blue and green, with a multicoloured stripe, so you can enjoy an authentic nightclub or outdoor festival atmosphere.

DJ effects let you put your own spin on tracks
Get the crowd going with DJ effects. Four different effects set the stage for your party: Flanger creates a deep flanging effect similar to the roar of a jet plane, Wah automatically moves the frequency of a filter up and down, Isolator singles out a specific frequency band, and Pan sweeps the sound across speakers. You can use DJ effects with the Fiestable app and Gesture Control, so getting creative with your party playlists has never been easier.

TAIKO Game Mode and Ranking
Put your rhythm to the test in TAIKO Game Mode. Tap and swipe the top panel in time with the lights and see who can set the highest score at the party. With TAIKO Game Ranking via the Fiestable app, you can even see how you compare with other players online.

You can play along on samplers including bongo, djembe, surdo and the Japanese Taiko drum, just by tapping the top panel in time to the beat.

Unleash your inner pop star
Keep everyone entertained—with two microphone inputs, you and your guests can go head to head singing along to your favourite tunes. Alternatively, add a rock and roll layer by connecting a guitar to one of the inputs and using the system as a guitar amplifier. Enjoy three modes: Clean for a clear sound, Overdrive for a distorted guitar sound, and Bass for your bass guitar. And when you're finished, the unit has two microphone holders, so you can store your mics safely.

Find your singing superstar with Karaoke Ranking via Fiestable
Compete to find the king or queen of karaoke at your party with Karaoke Ranking. And if anyone ranks in the Top 10, they can record their name and song title in the leader board.

Put the party in your hands with Fiestable
Entertaining, intuitive and easy to use, the Fiestable app is a fun feature that hands you over complete control of the MHC-V73D. To use the Fiestable app, you'll need to download the Sony | Music Center app first. Then, take control of the music, lighting and more, all by simply tapping your phone or using your voice.

Run everything from the dancefloor
The Sony | Music Center app lets you control music and sound settings right from your phone. Plus, the Fiestable app puts you in charge of the light colours and lets you activate DJ and KARAOKE Mode. Make changes with a flick of your wrist, thanks to intuitive motion control.

Let your friends create the party playlist via Fiestable
Everyone can add their favourite tunes to your playlist with the Fiestable app. Let your guests add music stored in their smartphones over your Wi-Fi® network, so your party never needs to stop.

Be the Party King
Share your party status on social media with just one click from the Fiestable app. Then, turn up the music and climb the party people ranks to become the certified Party King.

NFC™ One-touch for instant connectivity

NFC™ One-touch and Bluetooth® technology
remove the need for wired connections and complex setup sequences. Simply touch your NFC™-enabled device to the MHC-V73D for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming your music collection. No NFC™? No problem. Connect via Bluetooth® and you're ready to go.

HDMI™ output for simple setup
With the HDMI™ (Audio Return Channel) output you can easily connect the system to your TV. Watch TV and DVDs on your normal screen while enjoying huge sound from the MHC-V73D speakers.

Watch movies with a built-in DVD player
Enjoy the drama in every scene with powerful volume and sound pressure that puts you at the heart of the action. Turn your living room into the cinema and host epic movie nights.

Enjoy high-quality Bluetooth® streaming with LDAC™
LDAC™ sends approximately three times more data (at the maximum 990-Kbps transfer rate) than conventional Bluetooth® audio for a superior wireless listening experience.

Built for partying hard
A hard plastic exterior that covers all sides of the unit and strong corner protectors help make the MHC-V73D long-lasting and easy to transport to wherever your party is.

Splashproof control panel for durability
The MHC-V73D's top surface is splashproof
and easy to clean, so you can keep the party going even if you spill a drink. There's even a Party Lock button which disables all other buttons for 30 seconds, so you can clean up.

Tilt and roll for easy transport
Whenever you want to move the MHC-V73D, just hold the convenient carry handle and tilt it back. Sturdy castors let you roll all the way to the party.

USB port lets you plug in and play
Play tracks stored on a USB drive, or make your own custom playlists with direct CD-to-USB recording. Simply connect your USB drive to the PLAY/REC port and you are set to power up your next party with all your favourite tracks.

Multi-device connection lets more people control music
You and your friends can pair up to three smartphones with the MHC-V73D simultaneously using Bluetooth® technology. You'll all be able to play tracks from all your music libraries, giving you even more choice.

Boost the party with extra speakers
Enjoy more powerful sound by connecting multiple Party Speakers via Bluetooth® connection. Connect up to 50 compatible High-Power Party Speakers and synchronise the music and lighting.

Product Details
Type:Portable Speaker System
Connectivity:Bluetooth, Wireless
Audio In1:Yes (Stereo mini)
Bluetooth:Yes (iAP over BT)    
Analog audio input:1
HDMI output:1
USB port:1
Microphone input:2 (6φ / Guitar available for one port - MIC 2 / GUITAR)
Music equalizer:MUSIC (Emotion EQ)
Football mode:YES (OFF / Narration ON / Narration OFF)
FIESTA mode:Yes
Bass Boost function:MEGA BASS
DSEE sound enhancement:DSEE (AUTO)
Party chain(Wired):No
Wireless Party Chain via Bluetooth:Yes
Speaker add function (Bluetooth):No
Dolby Digital:Yes
Cinema Space/Surround:-/Yes
Sampler:Yes (Scratch and more)
Speaker light:Yes (Blue for WF and Mid)
Party light:Yes (360°Party light, Arc: DeepBlue / SkyBlue / Green, Stripe: Multicolour)
Vocal fader:Yes
Key control:Yes
Mic Volume:Yes
Guide Vocal:Yes (Apps only)
Voice Changer:Yes
Gesture control:Yes (Vertical & horizontal direction)
Sleep timer:Yes
USB port charging output:1A
Touch keys:Yes (Splash proof for top panel)
Power Consumption (in Standby):0.5W
NFC One-touch pairing:Yes
Compatible smartphone apps:Yes (Sony | Music Center & Fiestable)
Tuning Range (FM):87.5-108MHz / 50kHz
Preset Channel:FM20
General:Tray Lock,Child Lock,Party Lock
Carrying Handle:Yes (Back & Side)
Playable disc(audio):CD,CD-R,CD-RW,8cm Disc (CD),8cm Disc (DVD)
Playable disc(video):DVD,DVD+R,DVD-R:DVD+R DL,DVD+RW,DVD-RW (Video),VCD
Playable formats (data):MP3,XVID,MPEG4 Simple Profile
Speaker Spec:360 Sound (Backside tweeter),Spread sound generator,Jet Bass Booster
Tweeter:4 cm x4 (High efficiency horn)
Mid-range:8 cm x2 (High efficiency horn front & back)
Woofer:30 cm x 1
Main Unit Dimensions (WxHxDcm)(Approx.):428 x 921 x 370 mm
Weight (kg)(Approx.):21.2 kg

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