SANUS Simplicity SLT3 Wall Mount

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SANUS Simplicity SLT3

SANUS Simplicity SLT3 has been produced for those who care about safety as much as their own comfort. Unsafe television is a risk to your child.

The SANUS Simplicity SLT3 extend + tilt TV wall mount is a revolutionary tilting TV mount, allowing increased tilt for large TVs and easy cable access. Large TVs installed on traditional tilting mounts often hit the wall, limiting the tilt range. The SLT3 extends 5.8” from the wall, providing increased tilt for your TV and easy access to cables without removing your TV from the wall. Fits most 32” to 90” TVs up to 150 lbs.


Offers maximum tilting range for large TVs

Extends 5.8" out from wall for easy cable access & maximum tilt

Perfect when you need to mount your TV higher than eye level

Great to reduce glare from windows

Product Details
Brand:SANUS Simplicity
Model Code:SLT3
Type:Wall Mount
Maximum TV Weight: 150lbs / 68.04kg
Product Width: 27.00" / 68.58cm
Product Height: 18.11" / 46.00cm
Product Depth: 2.30" - 5.81" / 5.84cm - 14.76cm
TV Size Range: 37" - 90" / 93.98cm - 228.60cm
Tilt: 5° / -12°

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