AlcoSense Special Edition 2 Digital Alcohol Breathalyze

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AlcoSense Special Edition 2 SE2 Pocket Alcohol Digital Breathalyze


Intermediate level semi-conductor alcohol sensor. Uses blow tubes for improved sample quality.

Clear & Easy to use

Single button operation with results in seconds

Adjustable drink driver limit alert

Works with all English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and Irish drink drive limits

Sensor clean program

User activated cleaning program extends the lift and accuracy of the sensor

Long battery life

Battery last for up to 6 months or 300 tests, Uses 3 x AAA batteries.

Re-calibration reminder

Breathalyzer , whether for Police use or otherwise, require periodic calibration to maintain accuracy. The AlcoSense Lite 2 automatically reminds you to re-calibrate your Breathalyzer after 12 months or 300 tests so you never forget.

Designed in the UK by AlcoSense’s award winning product design team

Box contains:

1 x Alco Sense SE2 breathalyze

6 x Blow tubes

3 x AAA batteries

1 x Instruction manual



Model: Special Edition SE2

Manufacturer Part Number:SS

MPN:Special Edition (SE2)

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